Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Gun Debate Again

The following post by a long-time friend of mine has been cross-posted from my Facebook wall.  It is in response to a claim that gun registration lists were used by the German Nazis to identify and disarm people who were seen as threats to the regime, and that the U.S. was planning to start doing the same.


Can I play too? In 1996, Australia Enacted Strict Gun Control Laws

Because it worked out really well there. See, here's why your argument, for lack of a better word, is nonsense. Hitler's endgame was a fascist state. Unless you are a strong believer in Infowars or Breitbart, I'm pretty sure the endgame of the United States is not fascist. 

And you're running a straw man argument as well. The rights of law abiding citizens are ALWAYS changing. You used to be able to drive without a seat belt, but they looked at the facts that seat belts saves lives. Boom, new law. Matter of fact, it works that way with the vast majority of safety laws.

Except, it seems, with guns.

A school bus gets hit at a train crossing, boom, 17 new state laws enacted to make sure it never happens again. Kinder Eggs might cause a choking hazard in small children, boom, you can't buy them in the USA. Lead paint causing brain damage? Boom, removed, done. Asbestos in schools? Boom, removed, done.

Seven weeks into 2018, there have been eight shootings at U.S. schools that have resulted in injury or death. Sorry, we can't do a thing because the God given right to own an inert tube of metal that can shoot projectiles at high volume and high speed trumps even the MERE idea that people should have to give any thought to perhaps control and license them, or Jesus tapdancing Christ, give them up. 

So can we stop with this irrelevant argument that somehow your gun rights are in ANY kind of danger? Tell me of ONE single law in the past decade that has infringed on your right to own pretty much any type of gun? You can't. So you should be happy.

No matter how many people are shot in any kind of gun violence, "thoughts and prayers" will be the ONLY thing that comes of it. There will never be any significant changes made to gun laws in the USA, because you are comfortable with children dying as long as no one messes with your "right" to own lethal weapons and play with them, dreaming of Steven Seagalian scenarios in which you are the last great patriot defending the Second Amendment from God knows what.