The people in my family, the women in particular, have been highly creative in different ways.  My grandmother, my aunt, and my mother all could knit.  I tried but unfortunately I never got the knack; the best I ever did was to make a tiny scarf for one of my dolls. Grandma knitted uncounted pairs of mittens and slippers for family members as well as for charity.  Mom knitted sweaters; one of my favourites (which I still have) is at right.

At left is one of the last completed felt mice that my aunt made.  She was well known in her community for making these as holiday decorations, and in her later years would supplement her income by selling them by the dozen.  Each was dressed on her whim or as the customers wished, from angels to singers to wizards. This particular one was a monk.  I have a set of the mice and they are proudly displayed on the Christmas tree every year.

My creativity lies not in knitting or sewing, although sometimes I wish it did.  Instead of using my hands I use my mind, and I create stories from fan-fiction to family history. Writing and genealogy often go hand in hand, and so I've spent years communicating with relatives to find their stories and preserve them for the future.  My Facebook page Cinquefoil Heritage and its associated blog showcases some of these tales.

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