A Little Background

I first realized that I had a talent for writing in junior college, after one of my English professors called me into her office to discuss an essay that I had written.  "I can't believe that you wrote this," she said.  "It's too good!"  I explained that my mother was an English teacher also, and had taught me an easily followed essay-writing procedure.  The prof wasn't convinced and had me sit in her office and redo the essay from scratch using a different topic, and I aced it again.

Thereafter I kept a notebook with me to jot down ideas and short paragraphs for later use.  For a while I thought that I might delve into journalism, but my first love was fiction, and both my notebook and my computer's hard drive gradually filled up with stories from the recesses of my imagination.  Most of those stories were lost to time, but the ideas remained until the advent of the web page.

From there, all bets were off.

Currently, the bulk of my stories reside on my personal web site called Chronic Hysteresis which is hosted on the Angelfire free web service.  More recently I've been writing stories based on TV shows, a genre known as Fan Fiction.  And of course, I post to this blog almost daily.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.

By the way, all photos used on the blog are made by me or are in the public domain.


  1. I couldn't find a contact link, so I'll just leave this here! I'm sure you've heard of it, but there's a get to know you kind of survey going around, and I thought you might want to participate. I so appreciated your comment the other day, so I thought I'd do sort of a tag-back. My post is here: http://cozycapecottage.blogspot.com/2014/06/its-going-around-liebster-award.html. You're welcome to participate or not, no pressure!

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