Friday, 15 February 2013

Tarnished Respect

If one doesn't have respect for oneself, one can have neither love no respect for others. -- Ayn Rand

I was reading an article this morning stating that the Queen's Jubilee Medal award is becoming a farce.  This purpose of this medal is "to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians", but instead there are a number of municipal mayors across the country who are returning theirs because they feel that there are those more deserving.

It turns out that quite a few medal recipients had questionable activities, or even criminal records, which goes to show that the people behind the selection process did not do their homework.  To top it off, Justin Bieber got one.  And he showed up at the award ceremony to meet the Prime Minister in overalls and a baseball cap.  Come on!  You are going to meet the head of state, for goodness' sake.  I don't care how popular you are, or how good a musician you think you are, at least dress properly and take off your damn hat!

My grandfather served in both WWI and II and had 12 medals to his name including the Distinguished Service Order, one of the most prestigious military decorations in the British Commonwealth.  My mother tried (ultimately in vain) to get him nominated for the Order of Canada.  He would be spinning in his grave at this insult.

If anyone is deserving of the Queen's Jubilee Medal it's contractor Mike Holmes, who received the medal in June of 2012.  He has fixed homes, changed lives, and been very active in the local and national community.  More than that kid Bieber ever can say, that's for sure.

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