Friday, 29 March 2013

Shots in the Dark

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." -- Robert McCloskey

Have you ever thought that no matter how much you try something, it's never enough?  Yeah, I figured as much.

I should be celebrating the holiday weekend with my family but instead I feel overwhelmed.  I've been spending a large portion of every day for the last year looking for a part-time job so that I can earn some extra money while the munchkin is in school.  My ideal scenario would be freelance writing or blogging about a subject that I'm very familiar with, like genealogy.

I tried marketing myself as a genealogist but I only had one bite in six months.  Then after I had done some work for the person, she told me that she couldn't pay me.

Also I registered with web sites whose purpose is to pair up freelance writers with potential employers.  Again, only one contract offered after six months of applications and letters.  Then that contract was terminated early because the person thought I wasn't working fast enough despite the fact that he had given me no deadline for the project.

I don't qualify for the majority of jobs that would require me to work with the public because I am not fluently bilingual (which you have to be in this crazy province).

So here I am, still no employment.  And now my husband wants to leave our current lodgings.  Not because we can't afford it, but because he feels the management of the building is not taking proper care of things, the rent is being raised (again) without any sign of improvement to the facilities, and they don't seem to be listening to our concerns.  Personally I don't want to move.  We're close to everything, the munchkin's school is two blocks away, and we have friends in the surrounding area.

I've spoken to the building manager but he informed me that nothing can be done until the end of April.  I've spoken to my husband but he seems to have made up his mind already.

Everyone hears but nobody is listening.

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  1. Don't you have a veto about the move? location, location, location! I know nothing about the rental situation in Quebec. Vancouver and Calgary are pretty tight. In Nakusp, everything that is for rent is also for sale, so you never feel secure. I sure like being on my own land.