Wednesday, 23 September 2015


We have scheduled our final discussion with the child psychologist in two weeks.  I took our eight year old daughter "Missy" to see "Dr. Z" twice a week through most of the summer.  Now Dr. Z has finished her analysis and will be giving us her report and recommendations.  At last we'll be getting some answers and advice on how to identify and perhaps solve some of the issues that our daughter faces.

It's not a moment too soon.  Missy's issues seem to be escalating now that she's back in school.  She doesn't get enough physical activity, and as a result goes to sleep late and is overtired in the morning.  She behaves like a spoiled princess and expects to get her way all the time; if she doesn't she throws a tantrum.  She won't do as she's told half the time and blames her hardships on others.

We've even noticed her becoming more violent.  During tantrums she will throw things, and has hit me on occasion.  She has begun to yell at and push other girls in her Brownies troop, which is not acceptable.  This morning I was told by the breakfast monitor at school that Missy hit another child, and if it happens again she will be banned from the breakfast club program.

We're both extremely worried that if this continues she might never become a fully-functioning member of society when she gets older.

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