Friday, 2 October 2015

Archaic and Dangerous

Romina Garcia stated in her YouTube video: "If your boyfriend hits you... it's a sign he loves you."

Matt Stevenson posted on Facebook: "The plain truth is women are meant to be dominated by males... a male may in fact rape her to take what he wishes from her."

There's a group online called "Men Going Their Own Way" whose web site contains images and articles that portray contempt toward feminism and women in general.

Even many holy texts advocate extreme punishment for a woman who has been raped or who has sex out of wedlock.

Far too many people, supposedly educated adults, believe this nonsense.  Remember the young man who shot several UCSB students because (among other things) he was angry at not being able to get a girl to have sex with him?  He also believed that he was entitled to sex, wealth, and power, and was willing to do the unthinkable to get it.

Ideas like this are dangerous and just plain stupid.  They are the reason that feminism exists and is necessary.  We are all sexual creatures.  We all - woman and men alike - have the right to determine what we do with our bodies and who we allow to touch them.  I know people who claim that most feminist statements are absolute lies.  Perhaps some are; certainly some are over-exaggerated.  However when someone is blatantly misogynistic I don't hesitate to call them out on it.  Why?  I have been a victim of emotional abuse and sexual assault.  So nobody can tell me to just "grin and bear it, it's a woman's lot in life".

Anyone who tells me otherwise deserves to have a kick in the unmentionables.

A friend of mine recently posted this: "When my dad turned 60 or so he had to visit a proctologist.  Just standard checkup stuff.  Afterwards he told my mom how uncomfortable he felt: almost violated.  My mom turned to him and reminded him that women get pelvic exams almost every year from their late teens or early twenties.  And the light of understanding went on."

You see?  Men don't like being compared with women.  The worst insult you can give a man is "being a pussy".  They only understand once they've been on the other side.  It shouldn't have to be that way.

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