Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Second Civil War?

The closer we get to the U.S. election date, the crazier the situation south of the border becomes.  Looking at it from an outsider's perspective, I'd think that they are in the first stirrings of a civil war.

Given the evidence that we've seen so far: the republican party is not interested in actually governing; instead they're planning solely to keep the government from functioning.  Several senators have said openly that they will block all Supreme Court nominees until there's a republican President.

But be reminded that doing so is not only a dereliction of duty, it's a violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution.  In effect, the Constitution is worthless when it comes to what the republicans want.

Add to this the fact that violence is on the rise.  Multiple pro-Trump militia groups are calling for violent action should Mr. Trump lose.  In a preview of what's to come, Trump fans have burned down an African-American church in Mississippi and plotted multiple terror attacks against Muslims.  A man known for waving Confederate flags and posting highly conservative views gunned down two police officers in Iowa.

Trump himself insinuated earlier in his campaign that Secy. Clinton might be "dealt with".  And one of his campaign advisers proclaimed there would be "a bloodbath" if Trump lost.  Women, journalists, minorities, immigrants, the disabled - all are potential targets for the small-minded people who think that America should be "great" only for white able-bodied men who believe only what they choose to believe instead of the truth.

Not to mention that there are laws in place that are specifically meant to enable the aforementioned groups.  Those laws were fought for, and in many cases, died for.  Going against those groups is going against the very laws of the country.

The Trump-supporting repubs don't seem to care what laws they break as long as they get their way.

Winter is coming, indeed.  It's terrifying.


  1. Terrifying indeed - and I'm an ocean away! If the US descends into anarchy how long will it be before Isil or Putin or some other looney-tune takes advantage and wreaks havoc across the globe?

  2. It is very scary on so many levels!