Friday, 1 August 2014

Photo Friday: Fredericton Summers

I have many fond memories of visiting New Brunswick as a child.  My parents were both teachers and had the months of July and August off, so as soon as school ended we would pack a trunk and drive down to my grandfather's house just outside of Fredericton, the provincial capital.

Fredericton has a rich military history which shows in the many buildings in the downtown area, including the York-Sunbury County Museum, which was once a barracks.  Here is a photo of downtown from across the Saint John River.

My grandfather's Cape Cod style home was located in the suburb of Lower Saint Mary's on the north side of the river.  A family story goes that originally the house had been on the other side of the road but my grandmother didn't like it there, so they had the house moved.  During the move the house fell apart, so my grandfather spared no expense at having it rebuilt to my grandmother's liking.

Granddad and several of his buddies also built a hunting cabin "up north" on the shore of Miramichi Lake. Over the years the cabin has been improved upon and expanded, but I remember it best as having a rickety porch, rattling tin roof, and access to the second floor was by a ladder through a trapdoor. (It has since been replaced with stairs.)


  1. Looks like a beautiful place! I'm hoping we can take our kids on a trip to the Maritimes next summer.

  2. Such a sweet story full of memories! and I love the fact that she wanted the house on the other side of the street and nothing stopped them from doing it!