Monday, 15 December 2014

Holiday Blindness

As the holidays approach I wonder about how many people know what they really mean. Retailers are concerned about how much money they'll be making.  Consumers are concerned about the prices and availability of certain "must-have" items.  Economists are saying that even with the country in the throes of financial difficulties, this is no time to be sitting on your cash. Spend spend spend.

Stop already!

There are numerous holiday specials on TV every year that emphasize the spirit of giving and the appreciation of the ones you love. The sentiments seem more relevant now than ever. My father is elderly and his memory is not what it once was.  My husband has not been working for months and neither of us has been able to find new employment.  Every day I am thankful that we are all doing reasonably well for now and we don't want for anything.

The fancy electronics and glittery clothing that dominate the catalogues and store shelves are not necessary to have a good life. Many people in the world live well on less. We ought to remember that.


  1. You're right. Contentment. Right where you are. With what you have. Who you are.

  2. You will never fill a hole with stuff. Like Annette said, contentment comes from within. Great post.