Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Jingle Bells

While looking around for a Christmas song to post on my Facebook and Twitter today (which ended up being Winter Wonderland) my crazy mind gave me a flashback to my grade school days when we sang a silly version of Jingle Bells.  It didn't take long before I remembered the rest of it.  Here it is.

We started out with ten, and all of us were fine
Till one fell out around the bend and there were only nine
The nine of us went on and we were going great
Until we hit a bumpy road and there were only eight

Eight of us went on, our very merry drive
Till three went tumbling down a hill and there were only five
The five of us went on and sang from door to door
Till one fell in a snowy bank and there were only four

The four of us went on, a holly jolly crew
Until the wind went huff and puff and there were only two!
The two of us went on as happy as could be
But I looked round and you were gone
And there was only me!

What a catastrophe - boohoo!


  1. Super cute and super fun!
    I'm glad you got the flashback and remembered so that you could share it. =0)

  2. Ha ha ha! That is a pretty funny version!