Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Non-Idiot Women

A male acquaintance of mine on Facebook, I'll call him "Logan", has some strange (and strong) opinions of women in general and women who are anti-establishment in particular.  I have given up trying to argue certain issues with him because he refuses to see my point of view.

Today he posted an article about a female university student who had allegedly been raped by a classmate; the man was cleared mainly due to his statement that the incident had been 'consensual'.  The woman protested the university's handling of the case by carrying a mattress around with her with several months.  At her graduation ceremony, she along with three friends carried that mattress up on stage as she was about to shake hands with the university president.  The embarrassed president refused to shake her hand or even look at her.

Logan's comment was "Sigh, another idiot graduated."

How is this woman an idiot?  She would certainly know if she had been raped or not.  She had a right to protest a decision that she believed to be unfair.  I will say that carrying the mattress up on stage might have taken it a bit too far. However she did it to call attention to not only her case, but however many other campus sexual assault cases that might not have been handled adequately.

I have been a victim of sexual assault.  I know the difference between consensual sex and rape.  That gives me a particular viewpoint.  Anyone who denigrates a woman for standing up for what she believes in, particularly if the issue is of a sexual nature, will receive a no-holds-barred response from me.

(Unless of course the woman in question truly is an idiot.)

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