Thursday, 28 May 2015


I know it's been a while since I posted.  I was away, then I got sick, and now I'm dealing with lots of family-related stuff.  Anyway...

I've begun to wonder when America's anti-science stance began (and Canada's to a lesser degree).  During the Cold War and the Space Race, everyone put an emphasis on science: in funding, in teaching our children, in general respect.  It's what we used to get ahead of the rest of the world instead of brute force and military boots on the ground.  It created Silicon Valley and the Internet.  It exploded into cell phones, home computers, solar panels, and amazing medical advances.

Now we have people arguing against it 24/7.  NASA is no longer funded, we hate stem cells, talking about climate is banned in places, environmental scientists are muzzled, and fracking plus oil pipelines crisscrossing the country are amazing "job creators".  All GMOs are bad, vaccines hurt our children, and scientists are banned from governmental science committees.

On top of that, why pick up a book on science when you can Google any science-related term, pick the article that supports your beliefs, and then force it on your "friends".  It used to be that if you were legit about it you could talk about it.  Now that article on (insert spurious online source here) means you get to be part of the conversation.

We're slowly sliding into another Dark Age and hardly anyone is paying attention.  It's honestly frightening.  Look at what an advanced society Afghanistan had before radical religion took over.  Pictures of women from the 1960s look exactly like those of women in North America.  Don't think it can't happen here, too.

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