Friday, 5 June 2015


If you're a woman of child-bearing age living in the state of Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida, or Indiana: Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Anti-abortionists in these states, and at least 30 others, are using the legal system to twist the laws around in order to enable the prosecution of women who lose their babies due to accident or miscarriage.  Not to mention, stripping all women of their rights to determine how their pregnancy should proceed.

2010: An Iowa mother-to-be accidentally fell down the stairs in her home, went to the ER and expressed concern to a nurse about her baby.  The attending doctor called the police and she was arrested for attempted murder of her unborn child.

2013: A pregnant Wisconsin woman was detained at a drug treatment facility against her will, despite the fact there was no evidence she was using drugs while pregnant.

2013: A woman in Indiana suffered a miscarriage at home.  Frightened by the possible negative reaction of her family she attempted to hide the dead fetus.  She was promptly put on trial for murdering the baby and now faces years in prison.

There are more examples that are just as chilling.  What is wrong with this picture?  We are in North America.  We are not in Iraq or Saudi Arabia where women are subject to every whim of the male members of their families.  We are no longer in the nineteenth century.  Women have worked hard to be allowed access to higher education, to be eligible to vote, to receive a fair wage.  Why do American women now have to fight for control of their own bodies?

It's for the same reason that women in many other countries are not allowed to attend school.  It's the reason that women in certain professions have to work twice as hard as the men to get ahead, and often endure many forms of abuse in the process.  Many men are too afraid that women will become more powerful and usurp what they feel is rightfully theirs, rather like an "old boys club".

We've had enough of this medieval nonsense.  There are currently twenty-four countries that have female heads of state and there have been many others in the past.  Even the United States stands a good chance of electing its first female President in a year or so.  It's time for these backward men to deal with it.

One final message for the anti-abortionists who call themselves "pro-life".  All you want is for the baby to be born.  You don't care what happens to it or to its mother afterwards.  You don't care about whether that baby gets adequate medical care, nurturing, education, or anything.  Just as long as it gets born.

That's not pro-life.  It's pro-BIRTH.

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  1. I'm so tired of others occupying my womb uninvited. Politicians whom we've never met, making personal decision for us. Ugh