Friday, 12 February 2016


Even though Valentines Day is coming up, I want to discuss the opposite of love and romance.

A friend recently cross-posted a blog entry about about nurturance:

A mutual male acquaintance responded by saying: "Repeat after me, there is no rape culture in the West."

I wanted to rant at him.  In the past, this man has posted articles and videos debunking the feminist movement.  My attempts to discuss the issue with him have not been met kindly.  While I understand that people are allowed to have their own opinions, I will not budge on this issue - particularly because I am a victim of sexual assault.

Take a look at today's news.  A former city mayor has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor and yet is entitled to severance pay.  A radio personality went to trial for sexual assault but his lawyers whacked and discredited the witnesses.  A priest raped a woman 30 years ago but wasn't charged until now because of the pervasive thinking that "priests aren't supposed to behave that way".  And don't get me started on that despicable Roosh V.

There is absolutely a culture of victim blaming and objectification of women's bodies that causes sexual activity between men and women to be treated differently in the media, law, and society.  Denial perpetuates this and stigmatizes victims.  Why do you think so many women don't bother reporting sexual assault?  Because few people will believe them.

Girls from age 12 or so are told the rules of surviving in public: Stay in groups, avoid ill lit areas, walk with keys between your fingers if you must walk alone or somewhere dark.  As they get older, the list grows: Accept the drink only directly from the barkeeper, never leave your drink alone, don't drink too much because people will not believe you if you were drunk, don't accept rides home from strangers or 'friends of friends', and don't let them in your house.  And if someone cops a feel on the dance floor, well, that's the price of admittance for being allowed to go out and have fun.

How about women who are carrying two grocery bags and cannot actively defend themselves because of a trend of teenage boys running up to them to squeeze their breasts and run away?  Or how about women who dare to create and/or play videogames (and be good at it) who are insulted, threatened, and doxxed?

Rape culture is alive and well in the West, thank you very much.

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