Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Dangerous Ideas

As if the sane people in the world don't have enough to worry about.

A company in Minnesota has invented a gun that folds up to look like a cellphone.  That's right, a cellphone.  The inventor has said he got the idea because a kid called attention to the fact that he was wearing a gun while in a restaurant.

This thing is a very, VERY bad idea.  Not just from the perspective of the responsible gun owner, but that this will become a fast favourite of the bad guys.  We all know that criminals have their ways of getting better firepower than any law-abiding citizen could ever have.

What I fear more than anything in this world is the lack of education regarding things these days.  More power is everywhere, but nobody's really learning how to use it properly.  Then the paranoia sets in.  Somebody is going to pull their phone out of an inside jacket pocket and get shot for reading a text.

Also, what this manufacturer has done will make it that much more difficult for the police to do their jobs safely.  It is a gun?  Is it a cellphone?  How much time do the police have to guess correctly? Responsible gun owners have no use for this.  This "hide in plain sight" nonsense will get someone killed.

A friend of mine who is a responsible gun owner put it this way: "I much prefer open carry to concealed carry.  That way the person isn't hiding anything.  Yes, I have a firearm, and yes, you should maybe think twice.  That's straightforward.  With a thing like this phone gun, if you're packing this, as far as I'm concerned you have every intention of being a sneaky bastage or you wouldn't have it.  Period."


  1. Yessssss.... it's so scary.

    I worked with kids in juvenile services for a while and a kid pulled out an exacto knife at one point and cleaned his fingernails with it while I was confronting him about some behaviors. He clearly meant it in a threatening but "subtle" manner. Anyhow I didn't really respond to it. Telling my supervisor about it later she says "You should have told him to put it away!" Uh no thanks, I like the knife where I can see it thanks.

  2. I am so HAPPY to live in a country where stuff like this is just plain ILLEGAL. (As far as I know, so is concealed carry.) I agree with you - this is a very bad idea.

  3. I agree with your friend. I'm not against concealed carry, but I prefer the straightforwardness of open carry. As for this cell phone look alike...I like guns and believe the 2nd Amendment (American here) gives us absolute power to own and use guns. But why do we need guns to look like they aren't guns.....