Monday, 28 March 2016

Ugliness Uncovered

People all wear masks.  We assume one persona at work, one persona at home, perhaps another while out with friends, etc.  Nature can also wear masks; snow is one of them.

Spring is approaching and most of the snow has melted, revealing the ugly detritus of a throw-away, uncaring society: crushed plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, broken kids' toys.

Not to mention dog poop.  Too many dog owners mistakenly think that it dissolves or decomposes under the snow, so they just don't bother picking up after their dogs.  Sorry, it doesn't, it just freezes where it was left.  Then after a thaw the rest of us have to dodge the remnants.

There are a number of dog owners nearby who allow their dogs to run around in their backyards, which is fine - but they don't pick up the leavings.  Some of these people even have young kids.  Who in their right mind would leave dog poop all over their yard?  That's mighty unhealthy for both the dog and the kids.

I've said before and I'll say it again.  It might be a good idea for prospective pet owners to take a course of some kind so that they know the rules and expectations of having said pet.  In the case of a dog, said owners and dogs would have to attend obedience classes.  That would solve many problems.


  1. Well obedience classes don't cover good manners :) We have a fenced yard and we just built a smaller fenced area for the dogs to "go" because I'm SO tired of trying to find all of the poop to pick up. It seems like I always miss some because it's a pretty large area to cover. I'm currently working on a blog post to show the new area- and I'm hoping to write a post on how to dispose of dog poop in an eco friendly manner. Because... go figure... there's a right and wrong way to dispose of animal feces (although in fairness, we do share our environments with wild animals so it's not like we have 100% control of the poop, lol).

    1. It wasn't the intent to paint all dog owners with one brush but it seemed to me that most of the pet owners in my area don't bother with the basics. The city isn't the best place for a large dog.
      I'm looking forward to your post, I didn't know there was an eco friendly way to dispose of poop other than perhaps in a compost pile.

  2. Cities aren't a place for big dogs. I'm so glad we live way, way out in the country with ours - no picking up of warm dog poop necessary. :)

  3. I've got no toleration for that kind of litter.