Thursday, 5 May 2016

Following Disasters

I was looking out my window this morning at the blue sky and thinking about how so many people in the world are only seeing orange and black in their sky today; be it from wildfires, pollution, or bombardment.

Over the past few centuries we humans have done so much to this world, and not all of it for the better.  We have dug up its soil, cut down its trees, and dirtied its waters in the name of supposedly making the place more comfortable for ourselves.  We fight with each other constantly over resources and land, destroying much in the process.

Now the world appears to be saying "Enough!"

It's a relief to know that so far no lives have been lost in Alberta, but unfortunately that can't be said for other places that are burning.  And once the fires have been controlled or have burned themselves out, the question remains: what to do next?

Many people will say to rebuild, of course.  But where would they rebuild?  And where will the money that will be required to rebuild come from?  I often wonder if rebuilding in the same place after a disaster is worth it, because it's a only matter of time before another similar disaster strikes and causes the same damage if not more than the previous one.

People who live in zones that are prone to calamity live with that risk all the time.  They're either very brave or very foolish.  Perhaps both, or perhaps they have no choice.  One thing is for certain: we need to find a balance between self-preservation and the vagaries of this planet of ours.

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