Saturday, 14 May 2016

Uncivil Rights

Cross posted from author David Gerrold's feed with permission.
If I want to call Donald Trump an ass, a thin-skinned vulgarian, a pompous fraud, a phony -- I can provide evidence to justify this opinion.
And if I want to call his supporters idiots -- well, that's because there isn't a word denoting someone with a lower ability to process information.
Trump's supporters are the problem. They're the enablers. These are people who are so rooted in fear and anger that they will vote against their own best interests.
A Trump presidency will do so much damage to the nation, so much damage to the working class, to the middle class, that we could end up in an economic trough that would make the Great Depression look like a visit to Disneyland.
But when I say things like this -- the tone police drop in to talk to me about civility.
Are you kidding me?!
If you think correcting my tone and terminology is more important than defending the United States of America from an orange demagogue, YOU'RE THE PROBLEM.
Donald Trump has insulted women, immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled, transgender people, and even his own supporters.
This man waived his right to civility a long time ago. And the people who have supported him, who have enabled this half-vast demagoguery -- they are not without responsibility in the matter either.
The behavior of the Trump followers -- the violence that they have committed at rallies and on their own -- that too disqualifies them from any expectation of respect or civility from those they have declared the enemy.
If you want respect, you have to bring it -- and that's the one thing that has been singularly lacking from this blustering buffoonish fraud -- and even less so from the intellectually-disabled who have pushed him into prominence.

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