Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Pretense of Justice

The blog I intended to write today was superseded by a news report that inflamed my sensibilities.

More stories of so-called "honour killings" are coming out of the Middle East.  Yes, I'm a biased Westerner, but still...

A couple in Pakistan who married for love were lured to her parents' home, tied up and had their throats slit because the man was from a "less important" tribe.  Should that be considered honourable?

Another recently-married young woman was lured home on the pretense of preparing for a "proper" wedding ceremony.  The family swore on the Koran, their most holy book, that she wouldn't be harmed. But they had her shot anyway and even forgave the killer while the husband was forced into hiding.  What does that say about their "honour"?

Women in India, Pakistan, and other countries in the region are in constant danger from rape while the authorities can or will do nothing.

And who can forget the case from a few years ago here in Canada where four women of the same family were drowned in a canal because the father didn't approve of the girls' preference for a Western lifestyle?

And they call us barbarians.

The concept of honour varies from country to country.  In places like China and Japan it often translates into a rock-solid work ethic, to the extreme that if a person fails at their job they might commit suicide.  To a Christian, an honourable life might include attending church, communicating with God, and treating others fairly.

However I just can't see anything honourable about a belief system that encourages the violation and killing of women for the "crime" of merely speaking to someone outside of the family, or (gasp) marrying the person of their choice.  Even the Old Testament advocates death for not being a virgin upon marriage or being a victim of rape.

But we've evolved beyond that.


Sometimes I wonder.


  1. I feel so bad for women over there - and some of the men! That poor guy. They've lost the life they could have had together.

  2. These things are heart-breaking. Truly.

    It's become that I can't even watch the news or read about them because it makes my blood boil.