Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Behind the Screen

So you're looking for a job through various media such as newspapers, online searches, job-search sites.  How can you know if what you see is really what you'll be getting?

The web site of company X claims that they "develop web applications, marketing and advertising tools" but anecdotes from people in the know say that in reality the company manages online porn sites.  Another web site advertises company Y as being a great place to "maximize your potential" and "nurture your professional growth".  However online reviews from current and former employees complain of rampant nepotism and blame-shuffling from the upper management.

The Internet is a good place to hide your true self.  Reel the fish in with a good lure and then cast the net when it's too late.

An astute writer on LinkedIn whom I've been following has stressed that instead of submitting your credentials online where they'll disappear into the Black Hole Recruiting Portal, you need to send directly to a hiring manager.  Of course, corporate web sites almost never list relevant personnel which means that the job-seeker must do all the work to find the right person to contact.  Even then there's no guarantee that an application will even be acknowledged.

It has been clear for years that the system is broken and employers often miss people who would otherwise be a good fit for their company if not for screening software and overwhelmed managers.

Lately I've been heavily tempted to forget about the computer and do it the old-fashioned way: print out multiple copies of my resume and personally hand them out to the local businesses.  Maybe that would be more effective.

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  1. When I moved to BC I took a course on how to find job in the area I was living. They said that on Vancouver Island employers want people to drop their resumes in person. They like it that way. I did and was called by the 2 places I dropped my resume for an interview. I went to one and was hired. I ended up not taking the job. And also after the interview I dropped an handwritten thank you note. I think it's time we go back the old way.