Saturday, 1 November 2014

Too Early for Christmas?

"I never eat December snowflakes, I always wait till January."
"They sure look ripe to me!"  -- Lucy and Linus Van Pelt

Two weeks ago, the local Home Depot had started to put up its Christmas Aisle, right next to the Halloween decorations.  Sears had begun to put its decorations up at least a week before that.  Now Halloween is barely over and the sales have started everywhere for wrapping paper, cards, and ornaments.

Make it stop!

I do understand that Christmas is the most profitable time of year for most retailers.  But please, let us enjoy the fall holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween, and even Remembrance Day, before inundating us with gaudy fiber-optic trees, battery-operated puppies that bark the tune to "Jingle Bells", and terrible jazzed-up cover versions of traditional holiday carols.  If this keeps up we're going to end up with celebrating Christmas in September.

At least wait until after American Thanksgiving or something.

Until then, I don't want to hear about it.


  1. Agreed. They start Christmas stuff way too early.

  2. Yes!!!! I'm already getting emails about early sales. Also, when I went to buy Halloween candy, the Christmas decor was on the other side of the isle! It's insane.