Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fear and Hatred

"Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering." -- Yoda

The horrible recent events in Ferguson Missouri and here at home has caused me to wonder about the future of humans.

We hear about violence against women on a regular basis.  Many women, particularly Muslim women, who try to leave an abusive relationship risk being attacked, raped, disfigured, and even killed.  Girls are attacked or even killed for wanting to go to school or otherwise not adhering to "tradition".

Religious institutions are firebombed.  Churches and cemeteries are vandalized.  Schools and youth camps are invaded.  Authority figures commit heinous acts and are able to get away with it.  Many societies are controlled by the ultra-rich.

There even are entire countries that have essentially been at war for generations: Israel and Lebanon, North and South Korea, amid others.  Outside-brokered ceasefires have only been temporary.  It seems that the only way it's going to stop is when one or both sides have been completely obliterated.

It has been said that it's human nature to distrust that which is different - physical appearance, sexual orientation, belief system, whatever it might be.  Perhaps it's a basic survival instinct that stems from the ancient past when humans were tribal nomads.   Or it could be derived from the historical fact that more advanced cultures almost always conquer weaker ones.

Unfortunately this still leads to mistrust, fear, and often to outright hostility even if it's not justified.  Great strides have been made in education and tolerance, but it hasn't been nearly enough because hatred runs too deeply despite the calls for it to stop.

I pride myself in that I have friends of diverse backgrounds, ethnic origins, and beliefs.   If we can get along, why can't others?


  1. Such a complex issue and I don't imagine I'll ever understand it. So sad.

  2. It isn't human nature to get along. Moreover, as much as I hate the violence I've always felt that people who didn't have anything "to kill or die for" (like in the John Lennon song "Imagine") also have nothing to live for. Plus, as a christian I believe if we ever reach a period of world peace it will be the end times lol.