Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Gathering of Greats

I take no credit for this, it goes to my friend J.D. Hickey at

Rickman: Hey David.
Bowie: Alan? You too? What got you down?
Rickman: Cancer. You?
Bowie: Me too. F*** Cancer.
Rickman: F*** Cancer. With a spoon.
Lemmy: F*** Cancer!
Rickman: Who's that guy?
Lemmy: I thought this was the rock star section. They let just anyone in here?
Bowie: Apparently. I'm been searching for Crosby, but I haven't had much luck.
Lemmy: David Crosby's dead too?!?
Bowie: No, no... Bing Crosby. Before your time. Before my time, really, if truth be told.
Rickman: I can play the cello...
Lemmy: No you can't. You're an actor. You can act like you play the cello. I saw Truly, Madly, Deeply, wise-ass.
Rickman: ... Asshole.
Bowie: So what do we do now?
Lemmy: We could jam. Maybe actor-boy could learn how to play the spoons.
Angelil: Salut les boys.
Rickman: Who the f*** are you?
Angelil: Calisse... I'm René. If there's one thing I knew how to do in the old life is spot talent early on, and I mean *early* on. Stick with me, les gars, and we will rock this place.

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