Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Reaper's Touch 2016

I think everyone can agree that 2016 is off to a lousy start.  SF author David Gerrold was wondering when the grim reaper's roll call was going to start winnowing the SF genre.  It turns out we didn't have to wait long.  Here's his tribute to SF author and editor David G. Hartwell.
David G. Hartwell died of a massive stroke yesterday.
There are others who will go on at length about David's influence on the field. It was tremendous. He was a remarkable editor, the kind of editor every author aspires to sell to, because selling a book to Hartwell meant you were a good writer, maybe even a great one.
Hartwell loved the genre. He was knowledgeable, he was insightful, he was committed.
He also loved authors. He loved to sit and talk with authors -- and not just because he was a great listener. He was also an insightful sounding board. He was wise. (To truly understand that compliment, you have to understand that wisdom is not easily achieved.)
And he was one of the friendliest and most generous people in this field.
I cannot say enough good things about David G. Hartwell. The only bad thing I can say is that I didn't get to spend enough time with him, because there were 3000 miles between us most of the time.
The last time I saw him was at Trekonderoga. He set up a table to sell books. I don't know that he sold a lot -- I think he gave away more than he sold. But it was fun to just sit and shmooz about nothing in particular, operating out of that forever-mistaken assumption that there would always be enough time.
There wasn't. And I'm heartbroken. We are diminished by his loss. But his legacy, the impact he had on this field, is undeniable. He made a lot of great books possible, he furthered the careers of some of the best authors in the field. And I am proud to have been his friend.

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  1. God I always love your dedication to books and their creators!