Saturday, 10 January 2015

Best Hot Chocolate in Montreal

Chocolate is one of the ultimate comfort foods during the cold months, or any time of the year for that matter.  Given the city's French history, it's clear that Montreal takes the confection seriously.  Chain coffee shops aside, there are places that make a cup of hot chocolate into an adventure for the taste buds.  Here are some of Montrealers' favourite places for a chocolat-chaud.

Juliette & Chocolat
1626 Ste-Catherine St West
This prime hot spot in the downtown core boasts a menu of carefully-chosen chocolate from Madagascar to South America.  The owner's continual quest for a concoction "like our grandmothers used to make" has resulted in a place that is dedicated to chocolate in all its forms.

Suite 88
1225 De Maisonneuve Blvd West
The space is modern and intimate, but guests can easily forget where they are and travel the world via the selection of chocolates that this chocolatier offers.  As soon as one enters, the rich aroma tantalizes the imagination.

Café Humble Lion
904 Sherbrooke St West
Wooden shelves bearing classic knick-knacks decorate this comforting spot in a dreary stretch of Sherbrooke Street.  Its menu isn't as varied as some other places on this list but it more than makes up for that with a relaxing atmosphere and delicious selection of coffees, chocolates, and desserts.

Aux Vivres
4631 St Laurent Blvd
For the health-conscious, this restaurant specializes in fresh vegan meals using high-quality ingredients.  Their mission to debunk the myths surrounding vegan food extends to their delicious soy hot chocolate, which is lovingly made for anyone to enjoy.

Cacao 70
2087 Ste-Catherine St West
Dessert pizza with chocolate topping.  That is one of the most popular dishes at this trendy café with a sweet-tooth overload menu of crepes, waffles, and of course chocolate in many forms.  With a selection of cocoa from 15 countries there's certain to be something to please even the most cynical person's palate.

Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois
162 St Viateur Rd West
Here is a place where small is better.  Tucked in a corner of the Outremont district, this shop is a "neighbourhood secret" known for decadent espresso-sized hot chocolate creations that are enough to keep any connoisseur satisfied.

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  1. Congrats on post #200! I love me some hot chocolate - but Montreal is a bit far for me to go for it ;)