Saturday, 31 January 2015

Best Steamies in Montreal

Montreal just capped off its annual Steamie Week.  Although the city is well known for its variety of superior comestibles and the French spin on many types of foods, when it comes to a quick and easy comfort food, the Montreal steamie - a steamed hot dog on a steamed bun - is one of the best available.  There are many places to choose from when seeking the time-honoured sausage, but be aware that the smaller restos tend to accept only cash.

Decarie Hot Dog, 953 Decarie Blvd
A small resto tucked in a corner near the Cote-Vertu metro station is easy to miss, but a visit is worth it for their hot dogs and fries.  The diner-style decor along with the friendly staff and prices that are easy on the pocketbook all contribute to the authentic experience.

Montreal Pool Room, 1217 Saint-Laurent Blvd
This greasy spoon has been operating since 1912 but sadly hasn't included pool tables in its decor for several decades after the original interior was destroyed by fire.  However the building itself is a historical gem and the restaurant's menu boasts hot dogs dressed as-you-like-it along with that "other" Montreal staple: poutine.

Lafleur Restaurant, multiple locations
If there's a place that specializes in Qu√©becois fast food, this is it.  Established in 1961 on Lafleur Boulevard in the suburb of LaSalle, the chain quickly spread around the Montreal area.  A highlight of each franchise is the hand-operated potato press installed where customers can see staff cut the french fries.  Their most popular menu item is the "double-double": two hot dogs and two orders of fries.

Dirty Dogs, 25 Mount Royal Ave East
A tiny hole-in-the-wall spot in the trendy Plateau neighbourhood serves up gourmet hot dogs with many types of toppings ranging from chili to pickles.  Even though at times it can take a while for orders to arrive because they're cooked meticulously, the wait is rewarded by a juicy and filling meal.

Restaurant A.A., 3700 Notre-Dame West
If you find yourself out in the St-Henri district after the 3 AM bar closing and need a hangover remedy, the "Double A" is a good place to find some.  With decor straight out of the 1950's and a friendly but overworked chef, this inauspicious dive has a reputation for excellent hot dogs and other diner fare.

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  1. Until I read this, I had no idea what a steamie was. :)