Monday, 19 January 2015

Best Poutine in Montreal

Poutine is a uniquely Quebec dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, coveted by many as a cold weather comfort food.  Local and national food enthusiasts have attempted to find the best poutine, but it's a very difficult task because just about any chef who makes it insists on high-quality ingredients.  Not to mention trying all the variations will clog your arteries in no time flat.  I freely admit that I'm one of the few people in my circle of friends who doesn't care much for poutine, but I do appreciate quality food when I see it.  Here are some of the best places in Montreal to find the delicacy.

1. La Banquise, 994 Rachel St East.  This small greasy-spoon boasts over thirty varieties of poutine that are guaranteed to satisfy just about anyone's taste.  A bonus is that the restaurant is open 24 hours a day and is well known for its after-hours clientele who come in to partake of poutine as a hangover remedy.

2. Maamm Bolduc, 4351 De Lorimier Ave.  Almost hidden on a corner of the Plateau district, it has been a neighbourhood fixture for 45 years and offers just about every staple of Quebec cuisine, including poutine.  The menu contains eight variants including Italian marinara and Vegetarian style.  Their "petite" size is comparable to what many places serve as "large"!

3. Au Pied de Cochon, 536 Duluth Ave East.  One of Montreal's finest and most decadent restaurants offers, among other things, poutine topped with foie gras.  Guests definitely don't want to count the calories in this.  Given the popularity of the restaurant, reservations are strongly recommended.

4. Poutineville, 1365 Ontario St East.  This is the place to go when you're feeling adventurous and want to build your own poutine.  Instead of a menu you can get a checklist of the kitchen's available ingredients from which to choose your toppings, from blue cheese to zucchini.  There are salads and veggie sandwiches as well to give the illusion of a healthy meal.

5. Gibeau Orange Julep, 7700 Decarie Blvd.  Everyone in Montreal knows the Julep, a bright orange sphere forty feet in diameter that is located beside one of the city's major expressways.  Serving freshly squeezed orange juice since 1932, the OJ serves the best in comfort food from hot dogs to burgers, and of course classic poutine.  Open 24 hours during the summer months.

6. Burgundy Lion Pub, 2496 Notre Dame St West. One would hardly expect an English-style pub to be serving poutine, but this is a surprisingly British twist on a French Quebec delicacy.  Its most requested variant is the “Watership”: classic poutine topped with chunks of mustard-braised rabbit, green onions, and honey gravy.  The pub also claims one of the largest collections of whisky in Canada.


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  2. What great places. Thanks for sharing

  3. French Fries? Cheese Curds?! Why have I never heard of this amazing-sounding combination before?!