Saturday, 16 April 2016

N - New Killer Star

All the corners of the buildings
Who but we remember these?
The sidewalks and trees
I'm thinking now
I got a better way

The first CD single from David Bowie's twenty-third studio album Reality, "New Killer Star" was recorded at Looking Glass Studios, New York, and released in September 2003 with a cover of the British New Wave band Sigue Sigue Sputnik's "Love Missile F1-11" as the B-side.

Like many Bowie songs the meaning is rather ambiguous, although Bowie mentioned on several occasions that the song was partly inspired by the events following 9/11.  The video uses postcard-like images to tell a story about a spaceship crashing to Earth, with implications of the appearance of a messiah (an oblique callback to Ziggy Stardust).

The lyric "Let's face the music and dance" is a reference to a song by Irving Berlin that gives a message of hope, perhaps also an admonition that we has a people should deal with the consequences of our actions.

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