Monday, 18 April 2016

O - Outside

It happens outside
The music is outside
It's happening outside
The music is outside
It's happening now

The title track for David Bowie's nineteenth album 1.Outside was recorded in the summer of 1994 at The Hit Factory Studio in New York.  However the tune was supposedly written back in 1989; an incomplete version was performed during Bowie's Tin Machine tour of the same year and was called "Now".

The song was partly inspired by a visit to the Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic near Vienna Austria, where the artwork created by patients is frequently put on display.  In fact, the album cover is a self-portrait by Bowie himself.

While the lyrics seem simple enough, the tone of the song expresses some of the end-of-an-era jitters that Bowie was going through.  "The momentum gathers as we approach the end of this cycle of 100 years, a huge anguish that everything will change," Bowie had said.  "I wanted to make a record that reflected those anxieties, a state of moral, spiritual, and emotional panic."

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