Friday, 4 July 2014

Photo Friday: Orange

Today is cloudy, cool, and rainy - a welcome change from six days of oppressive heat. So today's colour will be orange to brighten the day a bit.


This is a common Fulva Daylily, sometimes called Tawny or Tiger Daylily although tiger lilies are a completely different plant.  It's an extremely hardy ornamental plant which has been known to keep growing back for years even after being cut down.

Below is a cluster of Asiatic lilies.  While not as fragrant as other lily species, they can grow almost anywhere and multiply quickly.

This is a fruiting Mountain Ash tree, called Rowan in Europe.  The berries are good food for many types of birds, and even can be made into jelly.  Contrary to popular belief the berries are not poisonous, however the juice is acidic and so surrounding grass can be damaged by a high amount of fallen berries.


  1. I'm a bright color addict. The name of the flower (or part of the name), Fulva, makes me wonder about the meaning and history of the flower. Fulva reminds me of Fulvia, Marc Antony's middle class wife that he put aside. She was pissed off...and this flower looks pissed off to me too. I don't know the Latin though to go further with these thoughts.

    1. The name of the plant is Hemerocallis Fulva but I can't find any mythological references to it.

  2. Love this! I have orange day lilies and asiatic lilies in my yard, too. So pretty! We had a long winter and so they are just starting to bloom now.

  3. We had some unusually hot weather for Northern Ireland last week and I had to actually go out and water my lilies. Unfortunately I don't know why my orange lily did not come up this year so it was nice to see your pics here.