Wednesday, 16 July 2014


"One cannot collect all the beautiful seashells on the beach; one can only collect a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few." -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

In the powder room at my parents' house is a large glass jar full of seashells, surrounded by several other large shells that are too big to fit in the jar. They represent the many vacations that the family has taken over the years, spanning the continent. Their colours are fading from the long years of being on display, but they're still beautiful to look at.

A conch shell from our first long-distance trip away from home to the Bahamas. I was only five at the time and enjoyed every moment of it. My parents still marvel at the fact that I remember that vacation. Well, to a five year old, a trip on a plane is a big thing worthy of remembering - especially since there was a huge snowstorm on the day of our departure and for a while we weren't sure if the plane was going to be able to leave.

Oyster halves from South Carolina. We have cousins living there and my parents frequently stopped in to visit while en route to a winter destination in Florida.

Cold-water scallops from New Brunswick. We spent many summers visiting my grandfather there and taking excursions to the beaches on the Bay of Fundy. Even in mid-summer the water is cold but so much fun to play in. One only has to be careful of the jellyfish.

They say that when you hold a shell up to your ear you can hear the ocean. The ocean holds a wondrous mystique, and for me it has created many wonderful memories.

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