Monday, 23 February 2015

Christianity is Broken

Today's post is credited to a long-time friend of mine Mike Freel who has seen this issue from many perspectives.

Christianity is broken.  Pick your jaw up off the floor and let me explain. Christianity as it is commonly practiced today is broken, or rather, it is incomplete.  It is incomplete because it is the completion of what came before it.  And don't take this the wrong way.  I am by no means saying that a relationship with Christ is broken.  In fact it's the only thing that fixes what is broken about our world. Being saved is the least broken thing there can be.

One thing that a lot of people criticize about Christianity is that it has little to no femininity. And as far as its modern practice is concerned, this is true.  
Modern Protestantism has even excised Mary Mother of God from their practice, calling the Catholics idolaters for revering her.  And even the Catholics have turned her into a bland one-dimensional shadow of what she really was and is.  A little statue with as much feminine power and expression as Kristen Stewart.

Back when Christ walked the earth in corporeal form, the divine Feminine was a natural and common part of religion and spirituality.  It was understood that male and female polarity are natural and necessary parts of pretty much everything.  
If you study the Kabbalah you will see that this is true.  And it was understood that everyone knew this.  It was also understood that knowledge and book learning were masculine aspects while wisdom and feeling were feminine aspects. So when the books got written down they were written from a male perspective.

This is why Solomon asking for Wisdom from God was such a big deal.  It was understood that he was asking for something that other kings until then had been missing. He saw the need for a masculine and feminine balance to be the best king he could be.

Jesus himself carried a very balanced energy.  His soft loving comforting side was an expression of the divine feminine.  His rage at the temple money changers was pure masculine. Part of the lesson he was teaching was the expression of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine as complimentary to each other rather than opposing. Neither smothering the other.

Christianity is the completion of Judaism which included the Kabbalah and it came at a time when Judaism had lost too much of the divine feminine.  But Christianity focuses almost exclusively on the completion. Yes we are saved by grace. Yes our sins are forgiven. Yes Jesus paid the price. Yes we will enter the kingdom of heaven when we are done here. But what about until then?

I've lived in the neo-pagan religion.  Most pagans have felt this lack of divine feminine in other religions and have attempted to compensate; most have overcompensated and focused only on the Goddess or almost completely on the Goddess. In making the Goddess everything they have robbed her of her femininity. They have forced her to take on every role like a single mother and thus taken away her polarity. This has resulted in a lot of masculine women and feminine men.

Modern Christianity, having just the opposite problem of trying to force every aspect onto their spirituality, has produced a kind of gender neutral un-polarized people. They all seem to shop at the Gap and both the men and women wear the same khaki pants and polo shirts, neither masculine nor feminine.
True spiritual growth (even though we are saved we are still called on to grow and learn) come from both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A masculine person (be he male or be she female) needs feminine energy to complement his polarity and vice versa.

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  1. Solomon asked for wisdom, nothing feminine or masculine about it. He simply asked for God's wisdom to rule wisely. I feel that there is too much thought of having to go to extremes all the time and in saying that there is nothing gender neutral about not going to extremes.