Thursday, 19 February 2015

Men are From Jupiter

One would think we already have enough to worry about with religious extremists kidnapping and violating women, aboriginal women going missing, girls being forced into marrying much older men, and drugs that make it easier for immature frat boys to have their way with unsuspecting girls.

No, now we have people like self-professed sex tourist "Roosh V" who wants to have rape made legal on private property so that women will learn how to protect themselves properly.  Right.  Put the onus on the women.  Because supposedly men can't control their own sexual impulses, or if deprived of their natural urges they will become violent.

How can women truly stand up for the right to control of their bodies if they are continually objectified?  Every sport magazine out there has regular "swimsuit" issues.  Ads for lingerie and swim wear that feature scantily-clad women are everywhere.  Even the comic-book superheroine Wonder Woman wore what amounted to a glorified swimsuit until 2010 when she finally got pants.

Scientists have speculated that humans are not "wired" for long-term monogamous relationships, enabling yet another excuse for men to indulge themselves.  That aside, it's becoming more apparent that an increasing number of men are from Jupiter, not Mars.  Mars was the god of war and embodied valor and destruction, traits that many men still possess.  Jupiter was a sky god, not to mention King of the Gods - but he was also notorious for having many lovers (gods, mortals, even monsters) and causing his wife much grief.

Many years ago I knew a man who practically ruined almost every vacation that he and his girlfriend went on, because instead of relaxing and enjoying the sights he wanted to have sex at almost every opportunity and twisted her protests around to suit himself.  One would hope this extreme is an exception but it isn't.

The objectification of women, slut-shaming, and victim-blaming has to stop.  Instead of women having to learn how to protect themselves, men need to be taught to control themselves.  Otherwise we'll never have true equality.

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