Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Testing Testing

Yesterday a friend on Facebook cross-posted an image that contained almost 70 brand names, from Acuvue to Woolite, claiming that their parent companies tested the products on animals. Sensationalism aside, supposedly this was an advert for an app with which you can scan products and find out if said product was tested on animals or was "green".

Personally I think this kind of thing goes too far. It's fear-mongering and might not even be accurate. Besides, protests against animal testing rarely get any results. The only way to get a corporation's attention is to hit them in the wallet by not buying their products. Would it even be worth it to the average consumer to stop using these products altogether? Many cleaning and hygiene products are so ingrained into our lifestyle now that the thought of giving them up and going "old-fashioned" is abhorrent. People want convenience, not more work.

I try to do my part. I wash dishes by hand, buy local when I can, and I don't drive a vehicle. But I have little choice but to use a soap made by one of those "evil" companies that do testing on animals, because it's the only one that my daughter's sensitive skin can tolerate. One has to compromise somewhere.

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