Sunday, 19 October 2014


One of my daughter's favourite cartoons is called Winx Club, an Italian-made show that has been translated into English.  The main character is Bloom, an Earth girl who discovers that she in fact s a fairy and was born in another dimension.  She is promptly invited to Alfea, a school where fairies are trained on how to use their powers.

The show follows Bloom and her fairy friends as they face formidable enemies, develop their powers, and find relationships.  The main villains are called the Trix, three witches who are obsessed with power and whose goals include the capture of Bloom and destruction of Alfea.  The animation, particularly the transformation sequences, is well done and uses a lot of bright colours as befits a girls' show.

However the current (sixth) season is nowhere near as good as the previous ones, making me think that the creators/writers are running out of ideas.  (Mind, this is from an adult point of view.)  The storyline is interesting but the villains are predictable and the heroes make stupid mistakes.  For example, one episode features vampires overrunning a town, and it takes almost the entire episode for one of the fairies to realize that her light-based powers can destroy the vampires.

It doesn't surprise me that a seventh season is in the works, given how popular the show is.  But I think they ought to give it a rest.


  1. I have seen the Winx Club toys and such but my daughter never really liked it. I think some shows just can't sustain too many seasons and this sounds like one. Maybe they need new writers, lol or let it go...

  2. Both of my daughters LOVED Winx Club when they were younger!