Friday, 3 October 2014

What Service?

We have been without a functioning fridge for ten days.  I first noticed that something was wrong last Wednesday when I realized that the fridge didn't seem to be as cold as it should.  After careful observation we discovered that the freezer compartment was working - thank goodness the compressor hadn't failed - but the cold air wasn't being pumped into the fridge.  This fridge is only seven years old and such a failure was totally unexpected.

First thing on Thursday morning I phoned the Sears service line, since the fridge had been purchased there.  They told me that they were extremely busy and a tech couldn't come out to our home until Monday between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM.  Fine.  We bought some ice so we could keep our few perishables in a cooler.

Monday arrived, and the tech didn't get here until late in the afternoon.  He confirmed our suspicion that the fan motor wasn't working to blow the cold air from the freezer into the fridge.  No, he didn't have the parts with him, he'd have to come back on Friday.


Surely a dead fan motor is a relatively common problem.  Is it too much to expect a tech to have parts with him when he goes to inspect appliances that were bought at his company?

In recent years we have spent over $12K at Sears for appliances, clothing, and vacations.  Why should we have to wait ten days for a fridge repair and then on top of that have to replace anything that spoiled in the interim?  No wonder the company is having financial trouble: the service sucks.


  1. So true! Customer service is no longer a priority anywhere. It is such a sad realization. I will totally stop going to a store that I have bad service from even if it costs me more somewhere else.

  2. Oh shucks!! I am sorry that happened to you! In the past, the techs have run to the local hardware store if they didn't have the parts. This was really lousy customer service. Hopefully you had some way to preserve your food from spoiling.

  3. Update: We finally got it fixed. The only food items we lost were a container of milk and a small bottle of salad dressing. It's good to have refrigeration again!