Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Not Standing Out

Almost everything I've read concerning job applications, résumés, and such has stressed that you need to tailor your documents so that you stand out from the pack.  But how can you do that if the standard is always changing?

I've spent most of my life NOT standing out.  When I started school and began to socialize more with other kids my age, I quickly learned that standing out or being different was dangerous: my intelligence, kindness, and overall attitude made me a target for repeated bullying.  Over time I became withdrawn and went to great lengths to not put myself into a situation where I might be subject to scrutiny.  A few times I deliberately kept my course marks on the low end by not working to my potential, because the nerds were always picked on.

When I went into the workforce I hadn't changed much.  I was good at what I did, but I was happy to sit in my little corner and do my job while not having to worry about shaking things up or dealing with too many people.  I just didn't like to call much attention to myself.

Unfortunately that attitude has come back to bite.  I've had only one interview in two years of job-hunting.  I'm told that a major reason could be that my résumé doesn't have enough substance to it, although I've retooled it many times according to the ever-shifting guidelines and wracked my brain for the tiniest detail that might be relevant.  My online profiles have only a handful of readers despite my best efforts.

There's a poem that states "pretty good isn't good enough", and it isn't.  But where to go when even one's best doesn't seem to be good enough?

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  1. The whole job thing right now drives me NUTS. My son, 35, college degree and extra diploma in GIS, is doing temp work in warehouses. No improvemenbt on the horizon either.