Friday, 10 October 2014

Cut-Throat Hospitals

People continue to find reasons to blame subsidized medicare, but the reality is that it's more of a boon than not for people who don't have health insurance through their workplace.  That said, problems continue to occur because many procedures are not covered.

Someone I know had been scheduled for neurosurgery that would help alleviate his chronic pain.  When informed of the cost, he knew that he couldn't provide the requested amount up front.  The hospital's financial manager asked if he could pay at least half of the total amount, and after thinking about it he told them what he might be able to manage and asked if he could pay in installments.  They said they'd get back to him on that.

The following day he called them back and got no response.  So he checked the hospital's online portal to discover that his surgery was gone from the list!  Then he found out it was canceled by someone in financial services.

Are hospitals allowed to do this?  What kind of hospital just cancels a surgery without warning or notifying you, or without even giving you a chance to arrange payment?  A friend described the situation as "a hypocritical Hippocratic oath".

After many phone calls and arguments, he now has a new respect for insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. What was the point of all the financial aid paperwork he filled out if they are still "working on it" after months?  It should not take them this long to see that he has no money, because no one will hire a person that supposedly can't sit, stand, or walk for more than 30 minutes at a time due to their condition.

I feel sorry for him and I hope that he can sort out his predicament soon.


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  2. How unfortunate. I guess everything in this world revolves around money. Nothing comes free in life ! It's sad but it's the bitter truth :(