Monday, 22 September 2014

Canada For Sale - Sold!

Back in 2012, the Prime Minister of Canada flew to Russia and met in secret with Chinese government officials to sign an agreement that will give China a stake in Canada's business and governmental affairs.

This FIPA agreement will allow China to SUE Canadian corporations, provincial governments, and even the Federal government if it acts in any way to put Canada's interests first.  Moreover, it overrides Canada's existing treaty agreements with First Nations.


Already China has bought out several lucrative Canadian companies, Calgary's Nexen Inc. being one of them.  What's to stop them for running roughshod over us once FIPA comes into effect in October?  China is bigger and richer than us, and now it has a way to force its will on our country.  The wording of the agreement is such that we can't even opt out of it; we're locked in for 31 years with no recourse.

Why hadn't the public noticed this blatantly unconstitutional grab of greed before?  Because it was done IN SECRET.  Because it was not debated in Parliament.  Because the current Conservative government, that was elected on a platform of accountability and transparency, has been anything BUT transparent.

This needs to be stopped NOW.  We need to get these horrible people out of office.  Unfortunately the next federal election is scheduled for October 2015.

Far too late.

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