Saturday, 6 September 2014


Montrealers are a tough breed.  We have long and cold winters, traffic nightmares, and crumbling infrastructure.  However that's all forgotten in the warmer months, when we become known as Festival Central because of the plethora of events.  The season kicks off in June with the annual Formula-1 races and then goes from there: International Jazz Fest, Just for Laughs Fest, FantAsia Film Fest, International Fireworks Competition, and far too many more to list here.  For those on my Twitter feed @Sailorchronos I've been posting event information at least once a day as part of my writing gig with the web magazine My City Gossip.

Although the summer is almost officially over, festivals still abound in our fair city.  This weekend alone sports at least five.  Residents of communities across the river from the former Expo-67 islands where some major concerts are held have been complaining of the noise.  Even with my hearing impairment I can hear the bass booming at night from the window of my home office, and I live six kilometers away!  The complainers miss the point: summer here is relatively short and we need to have some fun in order to ward off the specter of frigid temperatures and snow.  If they want quiet they can wait until November.


  1. Montreal sounds like a very lively city. I'd love to visit there some day.

  2. I thought Vancouver was busy! Like your mentality. Indeed, a bit of noise is OK for a brief time.