Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Inappropriate References

This morning a Facebook friend shared a photo with the following text underneath it.  I've removed specific references.

"Yes, I am fully aware that I am posting a picture of the back of a chip bag.  Look closely, there is a Bible verse on the bag.  Bought snacks at (store) the other day as I do from time to time.  Today while fixing lunch, I discovered the Bible verse.  All of (company) snacks have a different Bible verse on them and I think this is Awesome!  Will definitely be purchasing more (company) products.  Some of you may think this is crazy, but our money supports things a lot of times that we are not aware of.  So personally, when I see a company that is willing to put Scripture on their product, then I want to support them. I hope some of you will go purchase a snack made by (company). Many of you may already be aware of this, but I was encouraged by it, with our world wanting to take God out of everything."

I respect the religious opinion.  However I find the printing of holy verses on snack food wrappers goes way too far.  If said company wants to attract buyers for their product who observe such-and-such a religion, sure - it's the company's prerogative.  But forget about anybody else who doesn't believe in that particular religion, because most likely they'll find such a marketing ploy offensive.

There is a time and place for such things.

Another shared photo on Facebook showed two women in bikinis, one of whom had her face in the other's chest.  A man standing behind them was looking off to the side, toward a rack of barbells.  The caption was an advert for a bodybuilding organization.  I promptly removed this from my feed: yet another sordid example of sexuality being used to call attention to a product or service.

If an organization has to resort to such banality to call attention to itself, they're doing something wrong. Heck, the advert was totally unrealistic.  I don't know any man who would ignore two scantily clad women in front of him in favour of weight training.  And a public Facebook feed is no place to post such either!

Again, time and place.

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