Monday, 1 September 2014


Today is Labour Day in Canada and I'm going to write about working.  Lately I've been increasing my efforts to look for employment in the geographic area that I want to live in, but it's a struggle.

My husband however is looking further afield.  He recently had a series of interviews with a company whose Canadian office is located in Toronto Ontario, 500 km from our home.  If he does get the job he plans to relocate to an apartment in Oshawa, which is admittedly a step downward from the rented two-floor townhouse that we currently live in.  I would have to remain on my own here with our daughter for an indeterminate amount of time, and then organize a move for all of us.  The prospect terrifies me.

I would sooner move east to New Brunswick, where my brother is, than anywhere west of Kingston Ontario, and my husband knows that.  Particularly since my father is elderly and I prefer to remain in our home area - what I refer to as the "triangle" between Montreal, Ottawa, and Kingston - so I can be closer to Dad in the event of an emergency.  But my husband seems so adamant to break out of what he terms the "status quo" that he hasn't taken my feelings into account.

I know that today's reality is that people have to go where the opportunities are, and once settled it doesn't make sense for them to go back.  Plus almost everyone I know has told me that I need to swallow my pride and go along with whatever my husband has planned no matter how much I might hate it.  But it doesn't make it any easier.

Does anyone know someplace in the Montreal area that is looking for a writer?


  1. I am there with you sista... My husband right now has found a job and moved 600 miles away. I am staying here for the time being as I just got a promotion in my job and want to see it out for a while before I decide to move. We have been here for 6 years now and I am quite content in my little niche of life.. although I do want to be with my husband and as he left after a 4 day weekend, want that even more.. I am a little terrified about starting a new life and job somewhere else.

  2. I would love to move from where I am. Greece is having a bad economic time so I wouldn't mind moving at all !

  3. When I was younger I looked forward to opportunities to move, but now that I'm a mom and I value the relationship my 4 year old has with my parents, I want to be near them all the time. I can understand your trepidation. I got here via #BOB(B)