Monday, 8 September 2014

What was That Book?

While surfing the Web searching for information on a book I once read, I came across another blog on LiveJournal called Whatwasthatbook.  On it users can post the plots of books that they remembered in the hopes of someone telling them who the author was.  I couldn't post on it, not being a member of LiveJournal, so I decided to post my query here just on the off chance that someone knows what I'm looking for.

The book was in the fantasy genre, and I believe by a female author, from approximately 1995.  The plot centers on two girlfriends, both depressed after recent difficulties in their lives.  They find a travel agency and think to take a vacation together to try to sort themselves out.  They spot a booklet similar to a Fodor's Travel Guide but for a place neither of them has heard of.

Their journey takes them into remote mountains where they discover a portal to a magical land.  Once in that land they become embroiled in a bitter war.  One of the women falls for a powerful humanoid-feline sorcerer, and when the war is over she chooses to stay in the land with him instead of going home with her friend.

Update: After much searching, I finally found it.  The book is called Glenraven by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Holly Lisle, published by Baen, 1996.  Apparently there was also a sequel which I'd never heard of.  So it looks like I'll be buying both at some point, just to refresh my memory.


  1. That's cool that there is a website dedicated to that. I see queries on a message board I occasionally visit all the time, and I'm amazed that usually someone can come up with it! And it's never me! I'm good at forgetting everythng about a book about a month after I read it, LOL!

  2. I love re-reading some books... it always amazes me what I learn with each reading.

    1. I have books that I've read many times. There's no comparison between a good hardcover book and reading online or on an e-reader.

  3. Wow I have been on the internet for so many years that I can still remember back when we used to have to pay for the internet by the hour! And knowing that...I am still shocked thats theres a website to look up books! Thats so