Thursday, 18 September 2014

Extremism By Another Name

A post that appeared to have originated on claims that a Christian housewife hated the Harry Potter books so much that she rewrote them completely.  She changed the wording to a blatant Christian tone, replacing all references to magic.

Hogwarts was transformed into the School of Prayers and Miracles, of which Dumbledore was the Reverend.  Voldemort became an evil congressman who was pushing an anti-religion agenda.  Harry was predicted to become a "fornicating, drug-addicted Evolutionist" if he didn't become a good Christian.

I can't verify if this particular story is true, although it is a fact that many hard-line Christians don't like the Harry Potter books and have been extremely vocal about it; saying that they promote witchcraft.  I have one thing to say to these people.

Get over yourselves.  It's a work of fiction.  It's a story that was meant to excite the imagination.  There's no agenda involved.  The author is Christian, or did you even bother to find that out?  If you don't like it, you don't have to read it.  Or better, read something that has more Christian overtones to it, such as, I don't know - the Chronicles of Narnia?  Wait, there's magic in that too!

Rewriting books to suit your own views is extremism.  You are trying to impose your views on others; in this case on children who will one day grow up to become the next businesspeople/politicians/whatever.  They will perpetuate that one-sided view unless given the chance early on to think for themselves and ask questions.

This is exactly how the Islamic State works.  Replacing school texts with religious ones.  Forbidding the study of arts, culture, mathematics.  Putting guns in the hands of children.  See any similarity here?

Extremism exists everywhere.  For every viewpoint there will be a diametrically opposed viewpoint.  The challenge is to have a civil discussion about how to meet in the middle so that some form of understanding can be achieved; that way more constructive stuff can get done.

And don't get me started on the Bible.  I've read it and as far as I'm concerned it's also a work of fiction. Curse me for saying so if you want.  If there is in fact an afterlife I'll deal with it then.

Update: This story is real.  It's displayed on the writing web site and is authored by "proudhousewife".  As of today the story has gained over 1100 reviews, some praising the work as over-the-top satire, but most are extremely harsh.


  1. Very touchy subject. Thanks for voicing your opinion on it.

    For me, I do have a problem with it, when it is taught in our schools...which many school teachers are using this book in their classrooms. I am all for a mothers right to choose what her own children read, but when teachers bring it into their classrooms, NOT telling the parents what is being taught, that is where I draw the line.

    Funny, I have wrote about this very topic myself.

    It is a really controversial topic. One thing that struck me in these kids witchcraft/ vampire books is the fact that they go to great lengths to get the spells correct from high ranking witches. Bill Schnoebelen, a former 90 degree Freemason, a member of the Illuminati, a Satanic Priest, mentioned that many of these publishers go to people who are heavily involved in the occult to formulate their books.

    So these books, aren't just nice little stories, but give children,.....(not adults) because they are marketed towards kids the stepping stones to get started.

    Many of the children will throw these books aside once they are done, but many children don't. Later on, we all know the dark side of witchcraft - sacrificing animals is involved. This is a subject that I have also looked into as well. Wicca is the number one growing religion in our day. Sadly, there is no good fruit to the religion. On the other hand, Christ, tells us the sum of the entire law is to LOVE one another. Totally opposite than witchcraft.

    Thank you for your post..

  2. I feel like Harry Potter and other books like it can easily be looked at as an allegory for Christ. I definitely see HP in that light, so it makes me sad that others may not be able to look past the magic to see the inspirational tale.